Remove My Website (Self removal tool for Website owners)

Please follow the below instructions for removing your website:

Please be advised that We CANNOT prevent your website for ever from appearing here, but we will always provide this Self Site Removal Tool aviliable for the website owners to remove their website from at any time.

Please understand that, We do not generate or update your Website reports in advance, These reports are triggered and generated by the visitors who visit, who is willing to known about your Website for thier own safety. After you remove your report using this remove tool, If a visitor comes back to our site and inputs your website name seeking report or estimates, your website report will appear back.

If you have any questions, Please feel free to write to us, we will do our best to respond back to you ASAP.


Step 1: Enter your website name (Eg. or below and press "Generate" button.

Website name:

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