How it Works?

How works and what you should know before using it? collects a ton of website related information from the Internet and puts them together in a detailed in-depth single page website report.

Website worth is estimated from website page views and few other website statistics that are collected from various sources on the Internet, these are freely available for the public use.

Any statistics that we provide on are ONLY an estimations and NOT an ACCURATE values.

Our estimations DOES NOT include the revenues from other businesses and sources that those websites might have.

Our estimations will only suggest, how much advertisement revenue one website could make, if that website is monetize properly using online ads.

All our estimations and other values that we suggest in, might have an HIGHER DEGREE of ERRORS. WILL NOT and NEVER commited, guaranteed or legally responsible for the Accuracy, Reliability, Validity and other Liabilities whatsoever.

Website owners, please use the self-site removal tool to remove your website from to remove your site from our listings.

Please note, there is no permanent removal solution for your websites, since this data can appear at later time, if our users try to find estimations.

Please use all information from AT YOUR OWN RISK.

We wish these estimations might help you to get an outlook of a website.
- FreeWebsiteReport Team

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